Our Policies

Our Quality Policy

Quality Policy

We are committed to strive for excellence in our Quality Management System (QMS) and consistently meet or exceeding customers' requirements for products and services. We actively pursue continual improvement, and this can be fulfilled and achieved with the following goals:

  • Continual improvement in quality and productivity.
  • Total customer satisfaction with regard to products and services.
  • Cost effectiveness.
  • Do it right the first time.
  • Effective and efficient teamwork at all levels.
  • Enhancement of employees’ skills and competencies.

Every employee shall be committed in order to attain the organization's goals. Our Top Management is committed to demonstrate leadership and commitment with respect to the Quality Management System.

Managing Director
1 March 2019
Revision: 3

The policy has been formulated by Managing Director and approved by its Management Committee. It has been explained and communicated to all existing and new employees. This policy can be viewed at conspicuous locations throughout the company and official company website.

Our Quality Environment (5S) Vision, Policy & Objective

Inokom Quality Environment (5S) Vision

To Establish INOKOM as the Ultimate Leader Quality Environment (5S) Practitioner in Malaysian Automotive Industry.

Inokom Quality Environment (5S) Policy
  • Create a Comfortable, Healthy and Competitive Environment at the Workplace.
  • Generate a Systematic and Continuous Improvement Culture.
  • Total Workers' Involvement.

Inokom Quality Environment (5S) Objective
  • To apply systematic techniques and approaches to sustain work culture in Quality Environment (5S) implementation and reduce cost and improve safety.
  • Developing human capital and organizational excellence through training, system development and best practices.
  • Nurturing an innovative and creative culture.
  • Providing value-added on productivity, quality, competitiveness and best practices.

Managing Director
1st October 2014
Revision: 1

Our Environmental, Safety and Health (ESH) Policy

Environmental, Safety and Health (ESH) Policy

Inokom, as a premier assembly plant, is committed to achieve excellence in providing and promoting environmental, safety, and health management systems at the workplace in accordance with our Malaysian philosophy of respect for human beings and nature.

Our guiding principles are:

  • To fulfil with relevant environmental, safety & health legislation, regulatory and other requirement subscribe by the company.
  • To eliminate hazards and reduce the OH&S risk that arising for companywide.
  • To encourage a consultation and participation of workers when related to OH&S Management System.
  • Providing awareness, knowledge and skills training for our employees, vendors and subcontractor on environmental protection and conservation , safety & health matters.
  • Enhance environmental, safety & health performance by preventing pollution, accidents and ill health, protecting the environment, minimize the consumption of resources, reduce wastes and provides a framework for setting the ESH objectives.
  • Providing continual improvement of the Environmental Safety and Health Management System and reviewing objectives and targets throughout the PDCA Concept of Management System.

Managing Director
14th October 2020
Revision: 6

Our Information Security Management System (ISMS) Policy

Information Security Management System (ISMS) Policy

Inokom Corporation Sdn Bhd (INOKOM), Sime Darby Auto Engineering (SDAE) and Sime Darby Auto Stuttgart (SDASt) Management are committed to developing and improving the Information Security Management System (ISMS). INOKOM, SDAE and SDASt’s Security Policy Statement were established to protect all information security assets and to ensure their confidentiality, integrity, and availability from internal or external threats, whether deliberate or accidental as required. Our security policy statement is:

“To provide comprehensive data protection and information security in protecting INOKOM, SDAE and SDASt assets”

This policy is supported by Information Security objectives as follows:

  • Ensuring confidentiality in data to those who need access.
  • Ensuring the data in the organization’s assets are accurate, reliable and secure against unauthorized access or change.
  • Ensuring data availability for those who are authorized to access them as and when needed.

Our Top Management is committed to demonstrate leadership and commitment with respect to the Information Security Management System.

Managing Director
12th March 2021
Revision: 0